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Explore our region’s varied landscape, from the sparkling beaches on the Adriatic sea to the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites, this rich in history and art land is just enchanting and charming.

You could spend weeks exploring our beloved Veneto and still be left with a long list of things to see, taste and do.

Don’t hesitate further and start exploring our land!


"your home should tell the story of who

you are and be a collection of what you love"


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Venice is the only place that can’t be captured in photographs. Visiting Venice is an experience, because its essence remains elusive.

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We are the largest community of local host in the unique region known as Veneto, in Italy. Our purpose is to promote qualified welcome accommodations across the entire region and to help travelers discovering all the hidden gems that our land has to offer. Among our many hosts you will find the accomodation which suits you better, from charming historic homes or cozy modern apartments, to small and intimate B&B’s or quiet houses.


urbs picta


Starting from the 16th century, Verona was called urbs picta, painted city in Latin, because of the large amount of buildings embellished with facades frescoed with bright colors. 

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Join our community and become a qualified host. You’ll be granted access to all the news related to the world of tourism and most importantly you’ll be able to promote your activity on our website!

Welcomeasy is the first mobile app to improve your work as a host during the check-in process.

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Take a wine tour and travel through vineyards, you will fall in love with our hills.


the mountains of venice


Vast woods, towering peaks, rolling valleys and characteristic villages. That’s only a taste of what to expect when exploring our beautiful Dolomites.

changing the


The current Coronavirus crisis is severely affecting the tourism industry in the region. 

Booking platforms or online travel agents (OTA) keeps demanding high commissions and forcing local hosts to loosen cancellation policy.

At the same time we’re witnessing a trend inversion: guests are more opened to direct bookings. 

Our aim is to play a role in helping local hosts to promote themselves without depending only on the OTAs.


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